Re: Messages with attachments

2003-08-04 00:08:51
On August 3, 2003 at 20:57, Vicki Brown wrote:

OK. More digging found the <Icons> resource and <LiTemplate>.
But what I have is only showing up for the Date index, not the thread index..


    <img src="$ICONURL$" width="16" height="16" hspace="4" alt="* "
    ><strong>$SUBJECT$</strong> <em>$FROMNAME$</em><br>

Thread indexes have their own set of resources for controling page
layout.  The "Page Layout" section of the docs lists out the various
resources that control layout for each type of page mhonarc generates.
For a thread index, you will need to set at least two resources since
a different resource is applied depending on where the message is
located in a thread: TTOPBEGIN and TLITXT.


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