single added message appears in database but NOT in directory

2003-08-04 00:21:33
I am going quietly mad. I am trying to add a single message to my archive.

It is successfully added to the database.
It is successfully added to the index files.
No .html file is created.
Thus, the links on the index pages point to nonexistent pages.

WHAT is going on??

I've used the command lines as suggested in the docs.
I've used the identical command lines I am using in my .procmailrc file

/ulb/mhonarc -add -spammode -umask 022 -idxfname index.html -rcfile
mhonarc/res.mrc -outdir public_html/Mail < /var/mail/colecoon-l

This is MHonArc v2.6.6, Perl 5.006001 freebsd
Reading database ...
Reading resource file: mhonarc/res.mrc ...
Adding message to public_html/Mail

Writing public_html/Mail/index.html ...
Writing public_html/Mail/threads.html ...
Writing database ...
1 new messages
15 total messages

The _attached photo_ is being placed in the archive directory
The .html file is never created.

I am soooooooo confused!
- Vicki

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