Re: Some JPEGs are attachments are shown, some are missing

2003-09-15 20:29:46
On September 15, 2003 at 15:16, Vicki Brown wrote:

Most of the mail I archive that comes with attachments archives the
attachments too. But sometimes the attachments (always JPEG images) are
missing from the archive.

Do you have a sample message that illustrates the problem?

Also, since at one time you have the MIMEEXCS resource set,
it may still be active (MHonArc remembers resource settings).
You can clear MIMEEXCS by doing:

  <MIMEExcs override>

If you have application/octet-stream to be excluded, it could be why
some images are not showing.  Some abhorrent MUAs do not properly
label data, and use application/octet-stream.


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