Re: Problem with GMT date

2003-09-16 00:31:18

Well, I'm now subscribed but not getting the posts. Found your reply in the archive.

I posted this before, but I guess I was not subscribed anymore. I
thought I had set options to no mail. Anway...

I am trying to duplicate a list archive I have running on a
machine in the US on another system in the UK. I am using
$MSGGMTDATE to display the GMT date and I am also doing the day
grouping. On the system in the US everything works fine, but in
the UK archive, the GMT is 1 hour later than it should be.  The
server is at +0100 timezone. On the UK system, the days appear
to begin at 01:00, which is actually 00:00 so that's correct,
except I also get some duplicate day section headers, e.g. two
September 15 sections.

I am using the same resource file on both, and MHonArc 2.6.8

Can you provide me with some sample data and your resource file
that illustrates the problem?

Your problem sounds like an issue related to the USELOCALTIME
resource, but since you are claiming that you are using GMT dates,
I do not know off-hand what the problem is without see some data.

Here is a copy of the resource file I'm using

I saved a range of messages that illustrate the problem

I placed these files on both systems and ran mhonarc.

Here is what I get on my system

and this is what I get on the uk system

You'll notice on the uk page that there are two September 16 headings, the times are an hour off GMT and the break between days is at 01:00.


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