Re: Problem with GMT date

2003-09-16 16:04:11

> >>I am trying to duplicate a list archive I have running on a
> >>machine in the US on another system in the UK. I am using
> >>$MSGGMTDATE to display the GMT date and I am also doing the day
> >>grouping. On the system in the US everything works fine, but in
> >>the UK archive, the GMT is 1 hour later than it should be.  The
> >>server is at +0100 timezone. On the UK system, the days appear
> >>to begin at 01:00, which is actually 00:00 so that's correct,
> >>except I also get some duplicate day section headers, e.g. two
> >>September 15 sections.
> >>I am using the same resource file on both, and MHonArc 2.6.8

You did not provide the version of Perl or the operating system
you are using, but they could have part in what may be wrong.

US -  Slackware Linux 8.0.0, perl v5.6.1
UK - Cobalt Linux release 6.0 (Shinkansen), perl 5.005_03

Examining the db files you provided to me, one difference I
noted is the LANG resource is different, but I am not sure
it may play a role.  For the US archive, LANG is set to POSIX
while for the UK archive, it is set to en_US.

Changing LANG resource made no difference.

Also, you have POSIXSTRFTIME enabled.  I am guessing that this
along with LANG could be causing the problem, or it could
just by your system's strftime().  It is possible that en_US
could be skewing the system's strftime() behavior, or strftime()
on your system is doing something itself.

Looks like strftime() on the UK system is the problem. I disabled POSIXSTRFTIME and I get the correct results. Any suggestions on what might be wrong with strftime()? I was hoping to use the system version so that I can use the %s (seconds since epoch) format in the date to create a timestamp.

Thanks for the help,

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