Re: Problem with GMT date

2003-09-16 19:54:14
On September 16, 2003 at 14:04, "Nunayo Bizniz" wrote:

You did not provide the version of Perl or the operating system
you are using, but they could have part in what may be wrong.

US -  Slackware Linux 8.0.0, perl v5.6.1
UK - Cobalt Linux release 6.0 (Shinkansen), perl 5.005_03
Looks like strftime() on the UK system is the problem. I disabled 
POSIXSTRFTIME and I get the correct results. Any suggestions on what might 
be wrong with strftime()? I was hoping to use the system version so that I 
can use the %s (seconds since epoch) format in the date to create a 

Doing some searches on Google, it appears there are some known problem
with strftime in older versons of perl, but I do not know if they
are relevant for your case.  I did not look to much into possible
bugs with glibc, but it may be possible.  More investigation is
needed to see if it is glibc or perl, like writing a C program and
a comparable Perl program and checking the results.  If it is perl,
you'd still need to upgrade to the latest and test against it to
see if the bug still exists.

If you can elaborate more on your "timestamp" needs, possible
work-arounds can be developed.

Of course, patching MHonArc to support more % sequences is an option.


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