Problem with GMT date

2003-09-15 16:12:13
I posted this before, but I guess I was not subscribed anymore. I
thought I had set options to no mail. Anway...

I am trying to duplicate a list archive I have running on a
machine in the US on another system in the UK. I am using
$MSGGMTDATE to display the GMT date and I am also doing the day
grouping. On the system in the US everything works fine, but in
the UK archive, the GMT is 1 hour later than it should be.  The
server is at +0100 timezone. On the UK system, the days appear
to begin at 01:00, which is actually 00:00 so that's correct,
except I also get some duplicate day section headers, e.g. two
September 15 sections.

I am using the same resource file on both, and MHonArc 2.6.8

I can't see that I've done anything wrong, but I also can't
believe this would be a bug that no one has caught.

Any help would be appreciated.

Mike Kopplin

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