Re: Some JPEGs are attachments are shown, some are missing

2003-09-16 23:33:09
At 14:53 -0500 2003-09-16, Earl Hood wrote:
and it is excluding application/* data.
You need to reset MIMEEXCS as shown in one of previous messages.

How is this happening?
MIMEEXCS defines the list of content-types to exclude from processing.
I don't have MIMEEXCS in my .mrc file; thus, how is _anything_ being excluded
for me?
The default is documented as "Nil".

I _had_ MIMEEXCS set one time, but removed it from my .mrc file weeks ago.
How is mhonarc still using a setting I do not provide?

How do I "fix" a setting I currently do not have?

If I insert a MIMEEXCS resource setting that doesn't mention
application/octet-stream, will it "override" whatever is stuck in MhonARC's

Do I need to run a command to force the database to reset itself from the
current .mrc file??

One solution is to use the inlineexts and usenameext options to

 m2h_external::filter; inlineexts="jpg" usenameext

Unfortunately, such a solution can make your archive vulnerable to
attacks (see the MIMEFILTERS page and the m2h_external::filter and
the Security section of the FAQ for more information).

I don't understand. I read the Seurity FAQ; the section on "Why doesn't
MHonArc, by default, use the specified filename when saving attachments?
seemed the most relevant."  - from this, it would appear _safer_ to save a
.jpeg as a .jpeg (which is not executable) than as something else, e.g. .bin,
which _could be_ executable!

- Vicki

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