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Re: MH cleanup and coordination

1996-03-27 22:52:24

  Thanks for your interest.  You must have missed John Romine's
  announcements--he's working on 6.8.4 and a beta has been released.
  I think this version is to fix some long-standing obvious bugs.

  Most of your suggestions are excellent.  John Romine is still the
  "head honcho."  What I would suggest is that after 6.8.4 is out, he
  post a list of "Things To Do" and delegate these things to do to
  folks on this list (on an elective basis).  Perhaps this effort
  would comprise 7.0.

  I second your proposals:

        Remove FILE internal dependancies.
        Make MH code POSIX compliant
        Remove unneeded items from distribution:
        Allow MH to handle 8-bit messages
        Have MH lock all sensitive files (e.g. dot files in folders)
        Better MIME handling (composition, display, maybe use .mailcap?)

  I would add:

        Implementation of recent Content-Disposition (RFC 1806) and
        Notary RFCs (RFCs 1891-1894).

  While we are removing external stuff, I would suggest making it easy
  for folks to use PGP with MH.  Whether this means integrating it
  with MH proper, or providing a paper that shows where to get PGP,
  how to install it, and how to use with MH, I don't care.  Email
  security is coming.  An ambitious student will implement RIPEM in

mhe == Didn't this preceed mh-e, which has surpassed it?

  This is Brian Reid's effort, which mh-e is based upon.  These two
  programs are now fairly independent.  As far as I know, Brian is the
  only one using mhe!  He doesn't like mh-e ;-).

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