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Re: MH cleanup and coordination

1996-03-29 18:06:14

Mark Murray said:

Jerry Peek wrote:

[a whole lot of good stuff]

For me, the problems are:
Should MH evolve faster?  Who should do it?  Do many MH users care?

Faster - Yes please - but I would hate to see a featuritis monster.

  I think that this is agreed upon.

Who - dunno - who were the folks who wanted to do the autoconf conversion?
 nmh-workers? Maybe them...

  Well, I would be very happy to start working on this.  I would also
like to make one request: heavier comments in the code.  I tried to
change some stuff and I _think_ that I found the correct places, but I
really think that the code should contain more comments to make it clearer.

Do many care? Dunno. _I_ care.

  as do I


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