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Re: MH cleanup and coordination

1996-03-18 16:03:56

On Mar 16, 16:56, David Paigen wrote:
} Jerry and Bill,
} it would seem, have more than a casual connection, but who else?

My only connection to UCI and MH is that I wrote a book about MH --
and I've gotten to know some folks at UCI.  But I don't work for them,
speak for them, etc.  My guess -- and this is just a guess -- is that the
problem isn't a lack of interest, it's a lack of time and staff at UCI.

I'm glad you're stirring the pot, David.  It would be good to get more
MH development going... the question is who, and how.  A separate
nmh-workers group got started last fall, but I think it stalled.
Other ideas, folks?

--Jerry, jerry(_at_)ora(_dot_)com

A lot of the people (myself included) that were on the nmh-workers group
were convinced to stop there and come over to this mailing list.  I
know that I'm still interested in updating/enhancing/making MH more

jerry (not the famous one :-)

Jerry Heyman                   | jerry(_at_)arlut(_dot_)utexas(_dot_)edu        
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