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Re: MH cleanup and coordination

1996-03-18 18:00:45
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Sounds like we've got some momentum going.  I just wish we'd hear from
John Romine or anyone else "official" at UCI.  It'd really make sense,
IMO, to *coordinate* this with UCI development so that we don't end up
with two or more separate versions of MH.  I think that John's
pre-announcement of MH 6.8.4 might have helped to stall the momentum
for the nmh-workers group that started last fall.  But now, after the
pre-release, where is 6.8.4?  And what next?  Hey, UCI:  Before a bunch
of us start running off in a different direction from what you might
think is best, can we coordinate?  Does UCI want some contributing
MH developers?  (Do all you volunteers *want* to coordinate with UCI?)

I vote for waiting a few days -- maybe a week, until 24 March.  Between
now and then, keep talking about what needs doing and who might do it.
If we don't get it together with UCI by then, we start working on a new
version.  Does that sound reasonable?

I haven't done any group software development, so I probably can't be
too much help.  Besides, I've got another time-eating project that I
think I can announce in the next month or two.  It should be an
exciting and useful boost to MH documentation.  Maybe my project could
be coordinated with the next software release, wherever it comes from.

--Jerry, jerry(_at_)ora(_dot_)com

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