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Re: progress towards RFC-2047 support

1998-01-20 15:36:07
Your message dated: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 03:35:38 EST
This is to let people know that I'm making good progress toward
initial support for displaying RFC-2047 encoded headers fields.

What about the reverse, i.e. encoding header fields according to RFC-2047 for 
outgoing mail? As it is now (well, I use nmh-0.13...lazy me, but my 
this is not changed) post croaks and refuses to send any messages with 
unencoded headers (at least From:). Couldn't it just transform the offending 
header? IIRC you don't have to do anything else to the message when encoding 
headers according to RFC 2047, so it shouldn't at too much complexity to the 
code. ...?

There is currently no support for encoding headers via RFC-2047.  But it
should happen eventually.  I'll need to modify sendsbr.c to scan the
header for 8-bit data and encode it.  It shouldn't be too hard, but I want
to finish the display support first.

Richard Coleman

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