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Re: progress towards RFC-2047 support

1998-01-21 09:53:09
"Perry E. Metzger" <perry(_at_)piermont(_dot_)com> writes:
Richard Coleman writes:
I don't know any way of displaying multiple character sets at the
same time.


  Try uxterm
  (http://www.iss.nus.sg/RND/MLP/Projects/MASS/MASSgb.html).  It would
  be a good idea to see how they handle the font switching.  If they
  use RFC 2047, we don't have to do anything.  I don't think we would
  ever do the mappings to Unicode ourselves.  That would mean that all
  individual applications would have to have all of the Unicode
  knowledge built-in, which in a Java world, isn't asking too much,
  but in the legacy C world, it is.

  Otherwise, if you don't have uxterm, you could only decode that
  which could be displayed.  So, if you had a Subject field with a mix
  of iso-8859-6 and iso-2022-jp you could display the iso-8859-6
  characters with a terminal that handled it and leave the iso-2022-jp
  encoded.  That said, you could launch n terminals to display n
  character sets in the header.  Ugly, but it would enable the
  encoding to be read.

  Fortunately, from my experience, the majority of character set mixes
  is between the non-Latin character sets and the Latin character
  set.  Since the non-Latin set is based upon the Latin set, you
  hopefully won't get a separate RFC 2047 encoding for the Latin set
  and thus can display the characters in the same terminal.

  I'm really thrilled someone is finally working on this.
Bill Wohler <wohler(_at_)newt(_dot_)com>
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