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Re: [Nmh-workers] sortm's Default of all is Brain-Damaged.

2012-10-11 13:52:48

How about:
1) change sortm to require msg argument

See, I just don't like changing the interface, given there's a
significant group of people (so far) who ONLY do "sortm all"; that
impacts them (I don't know if it impacts any front-end interfaces).
And this is to just solve the problem of Ralph's occasional typos? :-)
Ok, I don't want to minimize the problem, but I'm just trying
to weigh in my mind the tradeoffs here.

I agree and thus I think the "sortm -noall and ~/.mh_profile entry for
those who like it" idea is the best proposal yet.

I see in EXMH...

 mh.tcl:    if {[catch {eval {MhExec sortm +$f} $args} err]} {

and in MH-V...

 prompt.pl:    &mhv_exec("sortm -textfield date +$cur_folder");
 prompt.pl:    &mhv_exec("sortm -textfield from -limit 0 +$cur_folder");
 prompt.pl:    &mhv_exec("sortm -textfield subject -limit 0 +$cur_folder");
 prompt.pl:    &mhv_exec("sortm -textfield to -limit 0 +$cur_folder");



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