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Re: [Nmh-workers] Conflict between "mime" command and attach

2013-12-11 08:38:22
Paul wrote:

that's an interesting point, and i just realized that it's one reason
i've never been comfortable with attach.  my editor supports enough
filename completion that when inserting the mhbuild directive (via a
helper script), i can be sure that the filename is spelled correctly
and exists.  i don't get that early error detection service at the
whatnow prompt.

You get command line completion of filenames at the whatnow
prompt if your nmh was built with readline.  Quite useful when
using attach and detach.

but playing with this just now, i've hit another issue with attach
(probably unrelated to the current thread, i guess).  how do i use
whatnow's attach to attach a file, like a mail message, with a
specific Content-Type?

The only way to set Content-Type with attach is via a
mhshow-suffix-application directive in your profile (or
mhn.defaults).  Given that MH messages don't have filename
extensions, there isn't a good way now to send them as
message/rfc822 with attach.  That's a case where a mhbuild
directive is the way to go.  attach isn't a complete replacement
for those.


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