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Re: I'm confused

2019-12-09 07:19:49
Hi Norm,

David wrote:
post shouldn't hang, of course.

Can you verify that you can connect to the gmail smtp server by
entering the following at a shell prompt:

    telnet smtp.gmail.com 587

If that responds, then hit ^] (Ctrl right bracket), then enter "quit"
at the telnet prompt.

If that goes well, you could try using mhmail(1) to send an email using
Gmail as your outgoing SMTP server.  I just did this and it worked.

Ensure your ~/.netrc has permissions 0600 and has the line

    machine smtp.gmail.com login normanzalmonshapiro@gmail.com password foobar

Change foobar in that line to your password.

Send the email to me by pasting this command.

    seq 314 |
    fmt |
    mhmail -profile -to ralph@inputplus.co.uk \
        -from normanzalmonshapiro@gmail.com \
        -subject 'Test using mhmail.' -msgid \
        -server smtp.gmail.com -port 587 -sasl \
        -user normanzalmonshapiro@gmail.com -tls -snoop

Text will now appear, starting something like

    Trying to connect to "smtp.gmail.com" ...
    Connecting to
    <= 220 smtp.gmail.com ESMTP 60sm28745245wrn.86 - gsmtp

It should hopefully end with

    (tls-encrypted) => DATA
    (tls-decrypted) <= 354  Go ahead...
    (tls-encrypted) => .
    (tls-decrypted) <= 250 2.0.0 OK...
    (tls-encrypted) => QUIT
    (tls-decrypted) <= 221 2.0.0 closing connection...

Cheers, Ralph.

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