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Re: I'm confused

2019-12-06 17:37:37
Hi Norm,

It yielded:

inc: no mail to incorporate

Try it again.  You should have an email from me waiting.
Tell us what inc reports this next time.

It yielded:

inc: no mail to incorporate

That's odd.  You're used to fetchmail and it's worked for you in the
past.  How about you try that?  In your /root/.fetchmailrc you can add
Gmail with this at the end, changing ‘foobar’:

    skip gmail via pop.gmail.com proto imap
        user "Normanzalmonshapiro@Gmail.com" is norm
        password "foobar" ssl 

The ‘skip’ instead of ‘poll’ means that the account won't be accessed by
fetchmail unless it's explicitly named.  This means your existing run
of fetchmail will just continue with imap.rawbw.com and not Gmail.

To then test retrieval from Gmail, run

    fetchmail -f /root/.fetchmailrc -a gmail

The ‘-a’ means to fetch all emails, including those that Gmail thinks
have been ‘seen’.  It might be useful just for this test.

Cheers, Ralph.

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