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Re: I'm confused

2019-12-06 12:27:43
Speaking as another long time mh/nmh user, it would be nice to have a
gmail/nmh/3rd party glue configuration guide in one place. Something along
the lines of:

For gmail, you want to set it up for POP3 access and these other settings,
which is found here (as of 2019)

For nmh, a sample set of config files (we are pretty close here).

As best I can tell, you do need some 3rd party stuff (fetchmail?) to make
the two talk. Add that to the mix, with the disclaimers that the nmh folks
are providing it as a worked at the time of publishing example.

If we get something that works, I'll volunteer to polish the wording (I do
proofreading from time to time). I just lack the knowledge on

gmail does some things acceptably, but I have some use models where nmh is
the correct tool for the job.

On Fri, Dec 6, 2019 at 1:04 PM <norm@dad.org> wrote:

What with the flurry of Email's I'm confused. Do you have an nmh
that will let me use inc to fetch Email from Gmail without dumping core,
and let me use send to send  Email to Gmail without post hanging?

If so would you be willing to send it to me, again?

Thanks much,

    Norman Shapiro

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