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Re: I'm confused

2019-12-07 10:19:54
Hi Norm,

In your /root/.fetchmailrc you can add Gmail with this at the end,
changing `foobar':

    skip gmail via pop.gmail.com proto imap
        user "Normanzalmonshapiro@Gmail.com" is norm
        password "foobar" ssl
    fetchmail -f /root/.fetchmailrc -a gmail

When I do that I get:

    fetchmail: WARNING: Running as root is discouraged.
    Enter password for root@gmail:
    fetchmail: couldn't find canonical DNS name of gmail (gmail):
        Name or service not known

That means it didn't see that new `skip gmail' entry that you just added
to /root/.fetchmailrc and that's odd because you told fetchmail to use
that configuration file with the `-f /root/.fetchmailrc' I gave above.

Without seeing the `skip gmail', fetchmail thinks the gmail you've given
is a local host to contact and thus asks for the password for your
username, root, at that hostname: root@gmail.

So double-check that you added that `skip gmail' paragraph correctly,
including not making it `skip Gmail' with a capital G.  And that
`-f /root/.fetchmailrc' was passed to fetchmail.

fetchmail will show its understanding of a configuration file entry with
-V.  This confirms it is seeing it.  It doesn't fetch any mail when
doing this.

    fetchmail -f /root/.fetchmailrc -V gmail

Cheers, Ralph.

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