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Re: I'm confused

2019-12-06 12:36:25
Speaking as another long time mh/nmh user, it would be nice to have a
gmail/nmh/3rd party glue configuration guide in one place.

I think it was you before who mentioned this.  And I completely agree!
It's just finding the time to do it.

As best I can tell, you do need some 3rd party stuff (fetchmail?) to make
the two talk.

Yeah, this is part of the confusion.

You absolutely do NOT need any additional components to talk to a "normal"
modern mail server with nmh 1.7.1 (we have a bug dealing with password
prompting that Norm is running into; should we release 1.7.2?).  A lot of
people will tell you, "I use fetchmail with nmh!".  And I understand why,
because for a very long time you did need something like fetchmail to
work properly with nmh, and so they set that up 15 years ago and have
no desire to change it.  If you choose to use fetchmail or a local SMTP
server with nmh, that is fine; continue to do that!  But it is not required.


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