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inc not sending password to POP3 server

2021-07-05 10:23:27

I recently upgraded  to OpenBSD 6.9 and consequently also  got nmh 1.7.1
and now find that inc no longer sends the password to my POP3 server:

$ inc +MyIncTmp -snoop -nochangecur -user username -host localhost
Trying to connect to "localhost" ...
Connecting to
<= +OK <83350.1625494797@localhost>
=> USER username
<= +OK 
Password (localhost:username): 
=> PASS (null)
<= -ERR authorization failed
inc: -ERR authorization failed

I also  used ktrace to  try to see  what inc was  doing and see  that it
reads the password:

 65472 inc CALL  read(5,0x75ee3000,0x10000)
 65472 inc GIO   fd 5 read 9 bytes
 65472 inc RET   read 9

I also found this interesting behavior:

 65472 inc CALL  sendsyslog(0xcf7bdc67,43,0<>)
 65472 inc GIO   fd -1 wrote 43 bytes
       "<10>inc: vfprintf %s NULL in "PASS %s""
 65472 inc RET   sendsyslog 0

I wonder why  inc decided to send that particular  information to syslog
instead of stderr (where I would have actually seen it)?

And of  course, as snoop has  already revealed, it sends  (null) for the

 65472 inc CALL  write(4,0x4a3c2000,0xd)
 65472 inc GIO   fd 4 wrote 13 bytes
       "PASS (null)\r
 65472 inc RET   write 13/0xd

Any idea  why doesn't send  the real password?  I will probably  have to
read any responses  on the mailing list archives since  I'm not yet able
to receive email.


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