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Re: inc not sending password to POP3 server

2021-07-05 10:30:08
I recently upgraded  to OpenBSD 6.9 and consequently also  got nmh 1.7.1
and now find that inc no longer sends the password to my POP3 server:

What version of nmh were you running before?  Handling around this has
kind of ... well, been a mess (I keep thinking we have it fixed, but
somehow we kept getting it wrong, but I thought we had it cleaned up).
This is also complicated because we worked on the SASL password handling
but sometimes we don't quite handle the non-SASL case (and I think at this
point POP might be the only non-SASL password consumer).

Is your password in a .netrc file?  Something different?  Do you have
a "credentials" entry in your .mh_profile?


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