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Re: inc not sending password to POP3 server

2021-07-05 11:23:29
Ken asked:

What version of nmh were you running before?

Oddly enough, it would  seem that I was also running  nmh 1.7.1 prior to
upgrading the OS.

I  see that  I also  had a  local modification  that maybe  I forgot  to
communicate to anyone...

Index: sbr/ruserpass.c
--- sbr/ruserpass.c.orig
+++ sbr/ruserpass.c
@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@ ruserpass(const char *host, char **aname, char **apass
            mypass = *aname;
-        *aname = mh_xstrdup(mypass);
+        *apass = mh_xstrdup(mypass);


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