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Re: inc not sending password to POP3 server

2021-07-05 11:20:38
[Apologies  that this  will break  threading, but  I cannot  yet receive

Ken asked:

Is your password in a .netrc  file? Something different? Do you have a
"credentials" entry in your .mh_profile?

I don't have a .netrc file at all:

$ ls -ld ~/.netrc
ls: /home/amb/.netrc: No such file or directory

Neither is there "credentials" in .mh_profile:

$ grep -i credentials ~/.mh_profile; echo $?

inc prompts for  the password (as can  be seen in the inc  output in the
original email).

I've started  looking at  the nmh  sources to  see if  I can  figure out
what's going on. If someone spots it sooner than I, please send response
to the mailing list.


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