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Re: Procmail and multiple rules

1997-10-01 08:27:14
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 03:08:36 +0300 (EET DST)
From: Akis Karnouskos <akis(_at_)ceid(_dot_)upatras(_dot_)gr>
Subject: Procmail and multiple rules

I have a problem.
My procmail v3.10 doesnt understand the multiple rules I put ... or I
write something wrong ... 
it only understands the FIRST of lines to be checked.
Any ideas ????

I figure you are referring to this part of the log:

procmail: No match on "^To:(_dot_)*jokes-list(_at_)csd(_dot_)uch(_dot_)gr"
procmail: No match on "^To:(_dot_)*best(_at_)ceid(_dot_)upatras(_dot_)gr"
procmail: No match on "^From:(_dot_)BEATCALC(_at_)aol(_dot_)com"
procmail: No match on "^To:(_dot_)*okes(_at_)ceid(_dot_)upatras(_dot_)gr"

It seems that you wrote your recipes expecting that /any/ condition
matching will cause delivery, but actually, /all/ the conditions of a
recipe must be met before it will be used for delivery.

For example, here's a rewrite of your ANEKDOTA recipe that might work.

# Anekdota apo alles listes
:0 :

No guarantees as I'm still finding the regexp matching of procmail
different enough from other regexp matching that I often get it wrong.
I refer you to the manual for more information.

Please note that in my rewrite I changed ":0" to ":0 :" because on most
systems it is necessary to lock a mailfile when delivering to it.  Of
course your ANEKDOTA might be a directory in which case the lockfile is
unnecessary.  If you don't know what this means you definitely should
study the manual because without proper locking you will find your mail

Regards, Ed
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