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Procmail & Netscape/Mozilla - warning

1997-10-06 10:07:21
For those using Netscape/mozilla to read mail files/folders directly
(rather than via IMAP)

Netscape/mozilla doesn't do any locking for file operations, so you can
loose messages if procmail is delivering some mail whilst Netscape is
performing some file/folder operations. (This is also a potential for
causing Mozilla to crash with a bus error. Netscape 4.0x seems much less
tolerant in this area than was V3.x).

Netscape's "answer" is to not use procmail and use the mail filtering
capability in Mozilla (which is rather limited in capability)...


 Mike de Laine        Technical Support, Innosoft International, Inc.

        "Each success only buys an admission ticket
        to a more difficult problem" - HAK

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