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Setting different FROM when using formail -rt ?

1997-10-10 12:41:24


        When I compose reply with

        :0 fh
        | formail -rt

        I would like the "From" field say

                From: jari(_dot_)aalto(_at_)poboxes(_dot_)com

        instead of my current email address, where this virtual
        is currently pointing. Eg. Now the -rt says

                From: jaalto(_at_)tre(_dot_)tele(_dot_)nokia(_dot_)fi

        Which is not what I would like to see in response sent from my
        procmail servers.

        Am I suspecting right if I have to manually contruct
        the reply headers and forget the -rt alltogether? Then
        how would I get the sender's reply address in a good manner?
        (Now the -rt does this for me)