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Re: Please write a procmail book

1997-10-16 01:09:26
jonathon writes on 16 October 1997 at 06:03:14
On Wed, 15 Oct 1997, John Jensen wrote:

still no substitute for a good summary reference book.  If O'Reilly or
another publisher were to produce a good "Nutshell" book on procmail,

      Somebody, I forget who, mentioned that they had a proposal
      with O'Reilly to do a book on procmail.   But they didn't 
      think they could get a book length book on procmail out.

Right; 20-or-so pages would probably be sufficient to cover all of
procmail in quite a bit of detail.  What people are probably looking
for is more of a "procmail cookbook" - recipes (ha! the analogy works
:-) ) to do various things.

The problem with a "cookbook" is that if you don't actually learn
procmail, you'll only be able to use the recipes verbatim.  It seems
like (on this list at least) everybody has ever so slightly different

Still, well-documented, well-written, and general-purpose procmail
modules/subroutines/etc. could be of considerable use.  Alan
Stebbens' procmail-lib at
is one example of such a collection.

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