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Re: procmail: Skipped "E"

1997-10-20 10:02:09
{ brad brace } <bbrace(_at_)wired(_dot_)com> writes:
What does this mean in the log? 

procmail: Skipped "E"

It means you have a solitary capital ee in a location where procmail isn't
expecting an alphabetic character.  The three possible cases are:

        # something after the locallockfile, perhaps a misplaced flag?
        :0: a-lockfile E

        # something after the number in a size condition.  Scientific
        # notation is _not_ accepted.
        * < 999 E

        # something after the name of a non-directory mailbox.  procmail
        # can only do simultaneous delivery to directory style mailboxes.
        * whatever
        a-non-directory-mailbox E

(There's a forth way you can get the "Skipped" message: try to assign
to or unset a non-alphanumeric variable.  Since 'E' is alphanumeric,
that's not the problem here.)

Philip Guenther

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