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Errors in .maillog

1999-02-09 09:53:15
Here's a snippet from my .maillog.  Note the syntax-error message
right in the middle:

From prod_apps-owner(_at_)dal(_dot_)asp(_dot_)ti(_dot_)com  Mon Feb  8 
17:19:11 1999
 Subject: Out of office
  Folder: /var/mail/mshaw                          1715
sh: syntax error at line 1: `|' unexpected
From owner-apsa(_at_)list(_dot_)ti(_dot_)com  Mon Feb  8 17:40:59 1999
 Subject: ASIC Product Support/Applications Weekly, w/e 2/7/99:
  Folder: /var/mail/mshaw

These come up every now and then.  As far as I can tell, none of my 
email is really being dropped or anything like that, but this is 
kind of annoying and I'd like to know what's going on.

How would I go about beginning to debug this?  I use quite a lot of
spambusting recipes, a number of normal mailfiling recipes and a 
couple that forward messages to a pager.  I'd have included my 
.procmailrc but it's kind of long.  :)  So I guess I'm just looking
for some general pointers rather than a concise solution.


Mark Shaw <mshaw(_at_)ti(_dot_)com>

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