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Re: Errors in .maillog

1999-02-10 15:58:40
Mark Shaw wrote,

| Here's a snippet from my .maillog.  Note the syntax-error message
| right in the middle:
| >From prod_apps-owner(_at_)dal(_dot_)asp(_dot_)ti(_dot_)com  Mon Feb  8 
17:19:11 1999
|  Subject: Out of office
|   Folder: /var/mail/mshaw                          1715
| sh: syntax error at line 1: `|' unexpected
| >From owner-apsa(_at_)list(_dot_)ti(_dot_)com  Mon Feb  8 17:40:59 1999
|  Subject: ASIC Product Support/Applications Weekly, w/e 2/7/99:
|   Folder: /var/mail/mshaw

sh, not procmail, is reporting the error, and it gives a line number, so
I'd say that the problem is in an external script that you have procmail
call.  Check through the shell scripts invoked by your recipes.

If that doesn't uncover it, I'll second Era's suggestion of checkpointing
with LOG= statements until you narrow it down to the specific recipe where it
happens, and then you'll know which shell script has the error.

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