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Re: Errors in .maillog

1999-02-09 11:08:30
 > sh: syntax error at line 1: `|' unexpected
 > How would I go about beginning to debug this?  I use quite a lot of
 > spambusting recipes, a number of normal mailfiling recipes and a 
 > couple that forward messages to a pager.  I'd have included my 
 > .procmailrc but it's kind of long.  :)  So I guess I'm just looking
 > for some general pointers rather than a concise solution.

Run with VERBOSE logging for a while and the problem should become

Ouch.  At over 1600 recipes this might be painful.  I'll try it
though, if I can't figure this out any other way.  I could at 
least remove my INCLUDERC's a few at a time and then run with
VERBOSE, to see if one of them is to blame.

You might want to try the various proclint programs around (there's
one in Alan Stebbens' library, and Jari Aalto has one which you can
even email your .procmailrc to and get results back by mail ... See
<> for pointers) but in my
experience, they're not very advanced.

I'll give those a shot as a preliminary.

Wishlist for a coming version of Procmail: Wouldn't it be nice if the
syntax error message could be prefixed with the file name and line
number where it's occurring? (This is probably kind of hard for errors
from external programs, no?)

The absence of that prefix would at least indicate that it 
was something external, though....


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