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Re: Unexpected forward to pager problem

2001-06-08 10:09:19
In your message regarding Re: Unexpected forward to pager problem dated
Fri, 8 Jun 2001 11:18:53 -0500 (CDT), David W. Tamkin said that ...

 Procmail does not add any headers (except that it might lengthen 'From ' by
 adding a '>From ' below it).  It may be reading an rcfile that has filtering
 recipes whose commands add other headers.

Yes, I use spambouncer which adds lots of headers from the rc files.
 The usual answer for these pager forwards problems is to filter a copy
 through a formail command that keeps only a couple of the most valuable
 headers (such as From: and Subject:) and pipes them and the body to $SENDMAIL
 to the pager's address, much as Bart illustrated, but perhaps being more
 severe in restricting the headers passed to the pager, such as
   * ^TO_urgent(_at_)mydomain
   | formail -k -XFrom: -XSubject: | $SENDMAIL 111111(_at_)152mail(_dot_)com

Thanks, this looks really really good.

Best Regards,

Tim Rice
Phuket Thailand
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