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Re: Unexpected forward to pager problem

2001-06-09 02:57:39
In your message regarding Re: Unexpected forward to pager problem dated
Fri, 8 Jun 2001 18:31:14 -0500 (CDT), David W. Tamkin said that ...

 One comment I didn't make in the earlier post was that I had changed
 Generally, when you want to get things out of the way, ^FROM_DAEMON is better
 to use than the narrower ^FROM_MAILER.  ^FROM_MAILER is more suited to
 selecting than to deselecting.  Specifically, if I had a pager, I wouldn't
 want to be notified about any mail matching ^FROM_DAEMON; to rule out mail
 that matches ^FROM_MAILER but get paged for mail that matches ^FROM_DAEMON
 without matching ^FROM_MAILER -- which is likely to be even less urgent than
 mail that does match ^FROM_MAILER -- just doesn't make sense to me.

Good Info, thanks, I remember changing all my Daemon's to Mailers based on
a recommendation from my hosting provider about three years ago. Now you've
got me raking my brain trying to remember why <g>. Must have been Daemon
was catching news/mailing lists too often. Now that I'm using SB with
approved lists that should no longer be a problem.

A big thanks to you and Bart for all the help. This list certainly has a
lot of expertise available. 

Best Regards,

Tim Rice
Phuket Thailand
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