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Re: Unexpected forward to pager problem

2001-06-08 16:38:37
When I said,

T> Procmail does not add any headers (except that it might lengthen 'From ' by
T> adding a '>From ' below it).  It may be reading an rcfile that has filtering
T> recipes whose commands add other headers.

Tim acknowledged,

R> Yes, I use spambouncer which adds lots of headers from the rc files.

Ah, OK.  That explains it.

T>   :0c
T>   * ^TO_urgent(_at_)mydomain
T>   | formail -k -XFrom: -XSubject: | $SENDMAIL 111111(_at_)152mail(_dot_)com

R> Thanks, this looks really really good.

You're welcome; good luck.

One comment I didn't make in the earlier post was that I had changed

Generally, when you want to get things out of the way, ^FROM_DAEMON is better
to use than the narrower ^FROM_MAILER.  ^FROM_MAILER is more suited to
selecting than to deselecting.  Specifically, if I had a pager, I wouldn't
want to be notified about any mail matching ^FROM_DAEMON; to rule out mail
that matches ^FROM_MAILER but get paged for mail that matches ^FROM_DAEMON
without matching ^FROM_MAILER -- which is likely to be even less urgent than
mail that does match ^FROM_MAILER -- just doesn't make sense to me.

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