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Re: procmail - mutt milebox problem

2001-08-07 18:14:11
On Tue, Aug 07, 2001 at 08:43:19PM -0400, Tim Holmes wrote:
If there is no $MAIL, it will complain.  Mutt is very 'advanced' and
very primative at times as well.  If not configured/customized correctly
it will cause core dumps.  (If you have a line in your .muttrc that it
doesn't like it will cause a core dump.  I've had this problem.  The

this might have been true at one time, but since I've been using Mutt (2.5
years), it has never once core-dumped on me due to a bad line in the .muttrc.
(actually, I can't think of a time when it has EVER core dumped...)
It just tells me it didn't understand that line of the file and continues
loading, ignoring the nonsensical line.

So, what I usually do when I create a new user, is as that user, I just
touch $MAIL

touch $MAIL

Oddly enough, when Mutt asks if you want it to create $HOME/Mail, if you just
answer yes, it's taken care of.

If you then do a ls -la $MAIL it will show that the file is there, but
it's size is 0.  Open up mutt and the error message will be gone.  This
doesn't have anything to do with procmail, or a "From" line.

I rather doubt that, since the error message "$HOME/Mail does not exist. Shall
I create $HOME/Mail?" has nothing to do with "/var/spool/mail/$logname is not
a mailbox". One is the compiled in default directory where Mutt expects to
find extra mail folders and is purely a Mutt issue. The other is a file format
issue. Given that Mutt can read just about every folder format out there, if
it's complaining that the folder it's trying to read is not a mailbox, chances
are something is writing to that file in an incorrect format, before Mutt ever
saw it.

Andrew Edelstein        -       andrew(_at_)pure-chaos(_dot_)com
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