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Re: readme or tutorial for multiple users

2001-08-18 00:19:02
In your message regarding readme or tutorial for multiple users dated Thu,
16 Aug 2001 16:21:13 +0700, Tim Rice said that ...

Since no one replied to this I've tried to re-think the process. I now
think I need one generic .procmailrc file to filter each users mail to
their own custom.rc file, including a custom.rc for myself. The custom.rc
would make the final delivery and have its own unique varibles,

Is this correct?

If I call another rc file (IE:spambouncer) from within the custom.rc file
will SB return to the custom.RC file (where it was called from) or the
generic/master .procmailrc file?

One last question: I ran man procmail > procmail.txt which copied the man
pages to my home dir. I then FTP'd procmail.txt to my win 98 computer, but
it is full of Ctrl characters. How can I get the Man pages in a text file
format? I've tried ascii & binary transfers and both methods end up with
ctrl characters.

Thanks in Advanced!

 I then want to filter and deliver their messages to their own Pobox, using
 their own custom .procmailrc configuration file.
 This is where I'm lost. I currently use my personal .procmailrc file to
 filter/deliver all messages, which works fine providing my criteria and
 theirs are the same. What I'm after is how to set up a custom .procmailrc
 file for each customer and still keep mine for my own use.

Best Regards,

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