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Re: Simple recipe to move uninteresting threads in separate mailbox

2007-01-04 12:34:16
* DR. Lee - NS3 <kflee(_at_)penit(_dot_)com> [01-04-07 10:01]:
Thank you for taking the trouble to explain the issue of MessageID
and for a non-expert, I found reading the RFC is a tough job. However
I do get the idea of an unique id for purpose of perhaps, indexing.

The idea is to tie the identify of the email to a thread/subject.
However this does not seem to fullfil the function that other writer
intended - that is a list for checking the junk mail or preventing
uninterested mail. The question is then how to decide a mail is

You must read and decide for your self.  *If* you decide you are not
interested in that post, you designate it as such (by the MessageID)
and then following posts in that thread, no matter what content, are
segregated into a 'catch-uninteresting-posts' folder or /dev/null.

ps: using your own name and trimming your quotes will be appreciated. 
You might even consider researching 'tofu' as it relates to email on
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