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RE: Separate incoming mail into 4 categories - log file??

2007-01-07 02:09:32
At 16:25 2007-01-07 +0800, DR. Lee - NS3 wrote:


procmail: Executing "echo ${TO}| sed -e "s/\"[^\"]*\"//"          -e
"s/\(<\([^>]*\)>\)/\2/g" -e "s/^[    ,]*//"          | tr -s "       ,"

????  how came this variable get data like this and it happened very
often ????

procmail: Assigning "MY_TO=This account is currently not available."

Looks like a message from a bogus shell.  Funny, given you were running 
command pipelines before, I'd have expected your shell was functional.  Of 
course, you never posted logs, and you weren't doing assignments...



at the top of the procmailrc.


So, I set up a liltte file to test the sed command and assgiment of

The result is not the same; if the pattern is in the varialbe MY_TO, it
match the first string and the string followed is errored by "No such
file or directory". Writing to file and then grep seems ok.

You're running from a shell when you run your shell script, so presumably 
you have a valid shell at that point.

I take it you'd previously piped messages at the recipe using a sandbox, 
and it seemed to work, but when you put it into your live config, you 
started getting errors.  Any chance your email is processed via an NFS 
mount?  The host actually handling mail doesn't have a legitimate login 
shell for you to use.

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