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RE: Separate incoming mail into 4 categories - shell used

2007-01-08 09:29:37

I created a user to channel all incoming mail through so that the
procomm would processes it; a mechanims like mail sorter in a company.
Since this is a dummy user therefore I put /sbin/nologin as its shell
login command, hope to prevent unauthorized login.

This is where the .procommrc pick up the shell; it is user dependent and
I mistakenly thought all procomm are run under by the user 'mail'.
Therefore if you use this mecahnism, then the simple way would be the
one suggested by Sean by putting Shell=/bin/sh at the beginning of the
.rc file.

It is probably too simple and too obvious for most of you expereienced
readers but I am sure some of the readers maybe new comer like myself
who could be useful for such little bit of info.

Kwang-Fuh Lee.



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