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RE: Separate incoming mail into 4 categories - log file??

2007-01-07 15:08:50
I previously contributed:        A
[snip - DNS excerpts]

FTR, I checked this domain only because it's the one on your email 
address. was the one used in your _forward_ rules (and it also 
in the SMTP greeting on one of the two boxes), so perhaps that's your 
domain -- in any event, the IPs and MX' are ALL THE SAME for the equivalent 
hosts within

Which box do you shell to?  If it's "" or "", instead of 
"", then the box you're shelling to is separate from the box 
which your mail is ultimatley processed on (unless there's some goofball 
gateway host thing in place to pump the mail back, which would be braindead 
given that one host already acts as secondary MX...)

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