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RE: Separate incoming mail into 4 categories - shell used

2007-01-08 12:10:40
At 00:10 2007-01-09 +0800, DR. Lee - NS3 wrote:

I created a user to channel all incoming mail through so that the
procomm would processes it;

Time to read the manpages.  If procmail is your LDA, and you need something 
to run for all the users, put it in /etc/procmailrc.  Getting clever with 
invocation is something best left to those with a better understanding of 
what is taking place.

I don't mean to be critical, but in hindsight, don't you think it would 
have been useful to disclose that you were running your procmail from an 
account other than your own, esp after you were puzzled that you could 
execute tests at the shell (presumably while logged in as yourself), but 
not when the procmailrc was being executed within standard mail 
processing?  Or when I suggested that your account might be mirrored on 
another server, but without a login shell, because basically that was the 
only other logical explanation, since if you were running your procmail 
setup as a DIFFERENT USER, that should have come up...

I take it that you've been logging in as ROOT to manipulate the files for 
the filter user, since you can't log in as that user directly.

a mechanims like mail sorter in a company.  Since this is a dummy user 
therefore I put /sbin/nologin as its shell login command, hope to prevent 
unauthorized login.

Yea, see above.

The SHELL=/bin/sh setting should resolve your shell issue.  Move on to 
other implementation problems already.  Or have you been ftp'ing them 
(which certainly wouldn't allow you to be running tests at the shell prompt)?

Therefore if you use this mecahnism, then the simple way would be the
one suggested by Sean by putting Shell=/bin/sh at the beginning of the
.rc file.

I didn't post some solution that hasn't been covered scores upon scores of 
times in the past.

Hopefully, all your problems are sorted now, because I've got a bunch of 
other things to deal with, so I can't put any more time into rewriting your 

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