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Re: Please fix obsolete address in

2013-06-15 06:36:33
charlie(_at_)lofcom(_dot_)com wrote off list Fri, 14 Jun 2013 16:16:39 -0400 

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No thanks ;-)

Julian H. Stacey wrote ..
Hi procmail(_at_)lists(_dot_)RWTH-Aachen(_dot_)de

   Yes, because annoying all of the list subscribers who cannot help you 
since we don't run the website will do you SO much good...


Rather than mail foolish sarcasm, you should have _Thought_, extrapolated,
& realised:

- The community have [had] an admin problem for {Overflow}
  time, preventing subscriptions; 
- The community have an obsolete web disrupting subscriptions; 
- The community have an obsolete & now dead owner@ address,
  preventing error reports.
- As all findable email addresses to file mail list error 
  were useless, there was nowhere else to file than here. 
- The community need to alert & volunteer to help 
  whoever does admin for, as work overflowed & is not done.


- I searched
- I found an address to subscribe
- That page was obscured with info about some list manager software that
  should be seperated on to another page. That info distracts, I
  suspected it was irrelevant, & in retrospect it Is irrelevant &/or obsolete,
- It does the procmail list a dis-service because it destroys
  assumptions of what might be correct defaults for a list manager
  to write to if subscribe fails. ie procmail-owner or owner-procmail@
  or whatever & whichever domain ?
- Look at that web & find admission of a problem with broken aliases `Yet' 
- The procmail community need to find a 
  volunteer to discard parts of your web site & rewrite the mail
  list page.  
- I did write to owner at both addresses, got nothing but a bounce.
  Weird having a quota on an Owner. Being Over quota suggested
  maybe various other people may also have tried to subscribe & failed.
- You the procmail community may have lost other subscribers, because
  the owner mailbox was over quota. You the community should probably
  realise whoever runs needs help from a few of you.
- I contacted postmaster (@ Aachen, not @procmail) & she increased quota
- I wrote list owner again, failed, black hole, no response.
- I offered to Create a procmail mail list if existing one was broken
  (I saw from web that had been done before too !)
- I wrote other names I found on web, finaly got a response, he would look in
  next week.
- Postmaster @ Aachen happened to discover list was now under mailman, kindly
  mailed me a web address, & I subscribed.

  The domain is a pigs ear re subscriptions.  How many
  other subscriptions may have failed over time from an overflowing
  mailbox How many other subscriptions may have failed from a wrong
  address ?  Please butcher out all the false rubbish about mail
  list managers & addresses you are not using.  Then do a find &
  grep to ensure no other false occurences of dead addresses

My background
- A happy user of procmail many years.
- A week back I had a procmail problem, which I wanted to ask about,
  but solved, while still obstructed from subscribing by broken
- I've been running 30 lists on a majordomo for maybe a decade, 
- I've run Mailman, found a fault, reported it, & will run again sometime.  
- I'm a member of about 100 mail lists via various mailman, majordomo, 
  & other robots, 

charlie(_at_)lofcom(_dot_)com is volunteered to be useful (instead of 
Edit some replacement text for procmail web & submit it to webmaster !

Julian Stacey, BSD Unix Linux C Sys Eng Consultant, Munich
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