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Re: Please fix obsolete address in

2013-06-16 09:15:12
Erik Christiansen wrote:
On 15.06.13 13:32, Julian H. Stacey wrote:
- The community have [had] an admin problem for {Overflow}
  time, preventing subscriptions; 

Perhaps we've devolved into a closed community, then. The List-Subscribe
URL in the list mail headers seems to work fine:

which also identifies a list administrator at the bottom of the page.

Yes, Recursive Catch 22, one need to be on list to get that header,
or find an owner address or subscribe mechanism detailed on web, 
but points at wrong address.

(I guess he's one of those you've tried to contact.)

Probably, I tried various addresses, all black holes bar one, but
he/she's bound to be on this list too, & here cc'd 

- I offered to Create a procmail mail list if existing one was broken
  (I saw from web that had been done before too !)

The list seems to be ticking along,

(It's quite possible for a list to operate, yet a sub/unsub mechanism
to be broken, but in this case once postmaster @ Aachen found 
right address, I subscribed via sub. mechanism, so that works
too, so it seems to be just needs fixing).

 but until you report, we don't know
whether we have a list administrator who's still breathing. (It might
just be the northern hemisphere summer which is at fault - with everyone
out camping in the mountains, or filling sandbags in central Europe.)

There's a thought ! Hopefully not. 
(PS no big river in Aachen where procmail list server is)

- I wrote other names I found on web, finaly got a response, he would look 
  next week.

Uh - huh. Probably has to hike three days to reach the admin, up in the
hills. I'd preferably be consuming Bratwurst and a Weissbier on the
terrace at that place half way up the hill to Schloss Neuschwanstein, if
I were in that hemisphere now.

- Postmaster @ Aachen happened to discover list was now under mailman, 
  mailed me a web address, & I subscribed.

So he'd be the one to hand out edit permission to some hardy volunteer,
to run a handmower over the long grass on the web page, perhaps?
(Assuming the list admin has left town for more than a summer outing.)

Postmaster @ Aachen is a she,  I got the impression from her that pages were not her area.  Presumably that's
webmaster(_at_)procmail(_dot_)org who was one othe authors of procmail, cant
remember name, he might be webmaster(_at_)procmail(_dot_)org cd'd here for:

Please correct

PS `whois` shows:
        Registrant Email:postmaster(_at_)procmail(_dot_)org
        Admin Email:hostmaster(_at_)cuci(_dot_)nl
        Tech Email:hostmaster(_at_)cuci(_dot_)nl

Many thanks for your efforts so far. 


Thanks !

Julian Stacey, BSD Unix Linux C Sys Eng Consultant, Munich
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