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[spf-discuss] Re: Updated SPF validator and a new checker

2005-08-26 17:57:17
Peter Karsai wrote:

Both services are based on the original SPF Classic draft

Adding the count-to-ten and error-handling of the SPF RfC
should be easy.  The old drafts had known issues resolved
in the RfC:


Most probably it will get its official RfC number this year,
it's already approved and waiting in the RfC editor queue
for the 2476bis and 2234bis RfC numbers (also waiting... ;-)

The author (Wayne Schlitt) and the RfC-editor will do some
"lilly-gilding", but essentially that's it, you can use it
today as it is.  Be careful with older drafts, they had some
subtle bugs.

I thought that you may be interested

Sure, I hope that there will be a collection of SPF-tools on
the new SPF site (openspf.org), as it is already on spf.help

                          Bye, Frank

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