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Re: large messages

1991-08-16 05:21:35

        In his message Jon states:
We've run into a problem in distributing the Internet Monthly Report.
It seems that some of the people recently added to the distribution 
list (primarily by being on the ietf list) are behind mail relays or 
have mail systems that do not handle large messages.

        I suggest that you have not run into a problem distributing it,
some subscribers have run into a problem receiving it.
This is a problem for these people, and they in turn ask us to break the
large message into pieces and send the pieces as separate messages.  This
is more work for us.  Should we do it, or should we ask that these mail
systems be fixed?

        I don't think that you should pay the price for other people's
decisions.  In this case it was a conscious decision on the part of
the Compuserve folks to limit what passes through their gateway.

The enclosed note is larger than 50,000 bytes and was destined for at
least one ordinary "subscriber" account at CompuServe.  CompuServe
subscriber accounts cannot receive mail of this size; this is an
administrative decision on the part of CompuServe to prevent disc
space overruns by users getting more mail than they can deal with.  If
you need to send items this large, they will have to be broken up into

        In fact, I don't think you *need* to send them these items.  They
want it.  I also wonder how CompuServe decided that their users can't
deal with messages over 50,000 bytes???  Are they trying to say something
about their average user?  :-)

        About the only thing you should consider doing is placing the
monthly report at some archive site that will automatically respond to
their requests and split it up without much ado.  Then *maybe* just send
them notifications that it is available.


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