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Re: large messages

1991-08-16 21:26:43

keep relative efforts in a real perspective, the easiest course of
action is to drop them from the mailing list!  And just what is the

   should keep influencing those users; don't leave them alone.

It seems to me that the recpients of the IETF mailing list should be
somewhat representative of folks that have some proficiency in how to
do Internet style networking.  This is the sort of reason we have

   generally agree.  Again, should keep influencing/educating those users.
   one of the purposes of these mailing lists is to get people educated
   on Internet related issues.

standards; so folks can communicate.  If you don't conform, you lose.

   wish this could be true in the marketplace.  should keep educating
   those management level people to understand that the standard issue is
   an important issue in the data communications area.  ALso, let them know
   that the gateways between non-standard programs and the Internet can
   cause functional deficiency and functionality loss, and some gateways can 
   only accept one connection at one time.

handle, index and search.  For the sake of a single brain-damaged
implementation?                                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   keep influencing those users/developers.

In summary, Internet was developed/maintained by some wonderful people for
some wonderful purposes such as "for research only".  Now, it is time to 
popularize the Internet concept and Internet spirit to somwehere like the 
Hollywood Boulevard!  Without those low end users' support, we will never 
be able to make the current network bigger!   Almost 100% of the Americans
can access the telephone networks; but only about 1% of the Americans 
(estimated 2 million users or so) can access the Internet infrastructure.
If we can increase it to 5% percent within the next 3 or 5 years, then, 
we will discuss different topics here other than the minimum msg size issue.


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