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coexistence (Re: large messages )

1991-08-16 15:06:58

Hmmm.  Sounds like a perfect application for the Jon Postel Robustness
Principle, which implies: "both!".


To keep it, or to throw it away, or to co-exist, is not a big issue in the
Unix world, since many Unix users can help themselves without vendors.
But, for the PC users, it will be totally different.  Here is an example
experience of mine with "coexistence":  

when I developed my mail programs for PCs, I made my interface support both 
EGA (black/wite) and VGA (color) since many PCs still use the EGA cards.  
When we demonstrate the programs to VGA users, they keep asking for color 
interface; when demonstrate to EGA users, they keep saying "we can 
update from EGA to VGA".  However, it is easy to imagine that if we provide 
support on VGA only, then,  many EGA users will complain "We do not have VGA".

So, to improve the Postel Principle, we need the cooperation from the end
users [and their check signers].

BTW, I support the idea of making the minimum msg size of 1MB for PCs for the
following reasons:

 1.  those old machines (640k or lower) should either be memory updated or
     threw away;
 2.  if people do not like to spend money to update memory for their PCs,
     they usually do not like to spend money to improve their PC's 
     communication capability , either.  If they are not willing to be 
     connected widerly anyway, why should we make the Internet specifications 
     compatible with their platforms?

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