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Re: large messages

1991-08-16 11:09:59
It is my expeerience that there are lots of SENDMAIL relays out there
that do not handle messages over 50KBytes.  I am surprised that someone
did not notice all those sendmail Non-Deliveries when the Internet
Report went over 50KBytes!

This "large message" problem is not limited to COMPUSERVE, and ATTMAIL
is not clean when it comes to rejecting mail for lots of other silly
unexplained reasons.

The facts of life are that their are lots of systems out there that
limit the size to 50KBytes.

If you want to communicate with people who are behind those sytems, then
you need to conform to their reception requirements.

So, the entire question comes down to this:

        "Do you want to reach a large genral audience, or a small
         exclusinve audience?"


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